Code of Conduct


Blue Mountain Global (the ‘Company’) delivers world-class security solutions for a diverse range of private, corporate and government clients. We do this to the very best of our capabilities, in a safe, personable and professional manner, allowing our clients to conduct their business in safety and with peace of mind. Our ethos defines our character, how we conduct ourselves and the manner in which we carry out our business. It has four cornerstones:


At all times and in all we do, we work and act with honesty, integrity, passion, dedication and commitment.


Our team comprises exceptional people, each with a positive attitude and outlook, who care passionately about their work. We each strive to be the very best we can. We take pride in all we do and are committed – in heart and mind – to deliver excellence in every aspect of our work.


We are dynamic, flexible, fast moving and responsive to the needs of our clients and the markets and environments in which they operate. We provide each client with a professional and personalised service, which at all times guarantees complete and absolute confidentiality and discretion.


Without exception we work within frameworks defined both by local and international laws; respecting religious, ethnic and cultural traditions and diversities. We adhere to our industry working practices and guidelines and also set our own internal standards. Our staff fully embraces our ethos, abides by this Code of Conduct and works to the very highest ethical standards.


2.1 This Code defines how we will conduct ourselves with our:

  • Clients
  • Employees and subcontractors (collectively, our “personnel”)
  • Competitors

It also defines how we operate and interact with:

  • International organisations
  • Governments (and their agencies)
  • Private individuals

2.2 This Code of Conduct will evolve (as a “living” document) responding to changes in the law, international environments, social environments and our own evolving standards and working practices.

2.3 This code covers the following:

  • General principles
  • Law and regulation
  • Selection, training and vetting of personnel
  • Behavioural standards, fair business practices and quality assurance
  • Rules for the use of force
  • Relations with other entities
  • Working standards
  • Equal opportunities
  • Relationships with our clients
  • Transparency
  • Oversight and compliance


3.1 Blue Mountain only engages in legitimate security tasks which adhere to the principles of International Law, including International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law.

3.2 The nature of Blue Mountain’s work is essentially defensive and protective. As a matter of policy and ethics we do not accept any task which will interfere with (or possibly destabilise) the sovereignty of any nation. We only work for legitimate governments and commercial organisations, and ‘bona fide’ private individuals.

3.3 Blue Mountain does not condone, nor will it ever become involved in, the violation of human rights (as embodied within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Convention of Human Rights).


4.1 Blue Mountain operates within and is bound by the following:

  • National Law
  • European Law
  • International Law
  • Laws and regulations of the nation in which a task is performed
  • Law of Armed Conflict
  • Contractual obligations and constraints
  • Territory-specific regulations, orders and laws which may apply to a particular operational environment

4.2 Blue Mountain will adhere to all applicable local laws and regulations in the territories and countries in which we operate.

4.3 Blue Mountain personnel are required to report any incident in which they are involved (or which they witness) that involves an unlawful act. Blue Mountain will investigate fully any such report, to the extent that the operational environment and circumstances allow.


5.1 All Blue Mountain employees and subcontractors (collectively “personnel”) are selected, vetted and trained in a thorough manner as part of a comprehensive and well-documented process. Personnel are engaged by Blue Mountain through a number of different processes:

  • Specialist employment agencies
  • Personal referrals (“word of mouth”)
  • Direct application (through our website or by email)
  • By recruitment through resettlement processes (both military and law enforcement)

5.2 Blue Mountain will conduct a comprehensive validation of each and every application we receive, which will include (but may not be limited to):

  • Review of an applicant’s CV and supporting documentation by our Operations Manager and other senior managers
  • Formal review of references
  • Verification of military, law enforcement, professional training and other relevant records
  • Interview(s) with senior managers
  • Review by external HR consultants and advisors

5.3 Once selected, each applicant will undergo a vetting process which will include:

  • Appropriate background and criminal record checks
  • Government vetting (where appropriate and relevant)

5.4 Once accepted, personnel will complete induction and initial ‘task specific’ training with our trusted and established training providers. This will include a full introduction to relevant Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and will be followed by continuation training once ‘on task’, together with career development training (as appropriate). Periodic specialist training will also be provided as required. The purpose of this training is both to ensure professional competence and efficiency and the development of personal skills, maturity and judgement.

5.5 Blue Mountain will ensure its personnel:

  • Are diligent, competent and efficient in undertaking their professional responsibilities and commitments
  • Do not participate in activities which may involve a conflict of interest (without appropriate disclosure and approval)
  • Are bound by the terms of an appropriate Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Operate within the policies, guidelines, practices and requirements of our Staff Handbook


6.1 All Blue Mountain’s personnel are expected to satisfy and exceed standards of behaviour and conduct that are documented in Blue Mountain’s Staff Handbook and which are reviewed and revised at regular intervals by senior management.

6.2 These standards have been established by Blue Mountain to ensure we always comply with relevant laws and engage in fair business practices. Our standards include requirements for:

  • Professional and technical competence
  • Restraint and maturity
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Compassion, respect and dignity
  • Discretion and confidentiality
  • Social and environmental responsibility
  • Cultural sensitivity

6.3 Ensuring these standards are met is the task of Blue Mountain’s Management Team. We also define and communicate our standards to all personnel, both by written means (Staff Handbook and other documentation), verbally and through personal example.

6.4 Blue Mountain will provide detailed training with our established training providers to ensure personnel understand the standards expected of them. This training specifically includes requirements for anti-corruption and non-bribery.

6.5 A formal disciplinary procedure exists to deal with any deviation from our documented standards.

6.6 The Quality Assurance ethos is fundamental to Blue Mountain’s operations. All Blue Mountain’s personnel are expected to conform to our Quality Assurance processes and to participate in this process to continually improve Blue Mountain’s perceived and actual performance. The Quality Assurance Supervisory Programme accesses all information generated throughout the Company in whatever form and ensures that independent review of all tasks are performed by individuals who were not directly involved in a task. The aim of this approach is to ensure client satisfaction, which in turn leads to long-term competitive advantage.


7.1 Although Blue Mountain’s operations are protective, our personnel often work in unstable and violent environments that may necessitate the carriage and/or use of firearms.

7.2 When Blue Mountain’s personnel are armed, they only carry arms for personal protection or the protection of those in their care.

7.3 All weapons are carried under the relevant authority in each territory in which we operate. All weapons and ammunition are procured legally and are transported and stored in a secure manner.

7.4 When weapons are carried, all Blue Mountain personnel will comply with our Rules for the Use of Force (“RUF”).

7.5 All Blue Mountain personnel will be extensively briefed on RUF and the principles of minimum force. All personnel will use minimum required force at all times.

7.6 Blue Mountain’s personnel are experienced and trained in the use of firearms. Continuous training also takes place with a constant and unrelenting emphasis on safety, accuracy and restraint.

7.7 Where Blue Mountain personnel resort to the use of firearms (and regardless of whether this results in injury or death), any personnel involved will make a full written report to senior management, in accordance with established reporting and review procedures.

7.8 Where injury or death results from the use of force or firearms, Blue Mountain will undertake an internal investigation in accordance with established procedures.

7.9 Blue Mountain will cooperate with any lawful investigation undertaken by the governing authorities in the relevant areas in which we operate.


8.1 Blue Mountain promotes constructive engagement and cooperation with other organizations operating within our sector.

8.2 Blue Mountain undertakes not to hinder the international community in humanitarian efforts and will offer assistance where reasonably possible and practical.

8.3 Blue Mountain seeks to engage in constructive communication and cooperation with the governing authority and their security forces in our theatre(s) of operation and with any other official security forces working in each environment. Blue Mountain assures the confidentiality of any information received as a result of such working relationships.

8.4 Blue Mountain personnel respect the culture, religion, ethnic customs, human dignity and human rights of the communities and countries in which we operate. Wherever possible we will rigorously oppose any violation of these rights.


9.1 Good working standards are crucial for the development of Blue Mountain and its personnel. Blue Mountain is therefore committed to ensuring the best working conditions for its personnel that operational environments allow.

9.2 Maintenance of appropriate remuneration levels reduces the risk of staff turnover and through continuity of knowledge and experience ensures higher levels of efficiency. Remuneration of our personnel is thus designed to ensure that quality work is appropriately remunerated, which also encourages loyalty and long-term retention.

9.3 There are many different hazards associated with the tasks undertaken by Blue Mountain. Appropriate medical support (including psychological assessment where appropriate) is provided to ensure the maximum possible support in the event of serious incidents and subsequent injuries to our personnel.

9.4 Blue Mountain ensures suitable insurance cover is always in place for any medical and/or health issues for its personnel deployed on our tasks.


10.1 Blue Mountain accepts its responsibility for promoting equal opportunities and combating discrimination.

10.2 We seek to ensure the full integration of all personnel within our working environment, regardless of ethnic or social origin, colour, gender, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or distinguishing characteristics.

10.3 We seek to ensure that our clients also recognise respect for these values in the working conditions that are made available for all our personnel.


11.1 During the course of Blue Mountain’s activities, our personnel may obtain information which may relate to the private lives of our clients (and/or their associates) and may be potentially harmful to the interests or reputation of others. Great care is exercised in safeguarding and using such information, which will at all times be kept confidential (unless the performance of our duties or the needs of justice require otherwise).


12.1 Blue Mountain will, wherever possible, conduct its business and operations with transparency, subject only to the limitations required for:

  • Client confidentiality
  • Standards required of a privately owned, UK registered limited liability company


13.1 Each operational task is managed by a Team Leader, who is directly responsible to an experienced Operations Manager. Each task has a clearly defined ‘chain of command’ which is responsible for the day-to-day implementation and management of that task.

13.2 The oversight and management of all Blue Mountain’s operations is the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer, who is also responsible for the overall development of business and general oversight of the Company.


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