Are You Secure Online?

25 October 2019

How careful do you think you are online? Do you use the strongest passwords, have the latest anti-virus? Even if you have these and the strictest security settings on your devices, you’re still not completely safe online.

Recently we were privileged to be in the company of Rob May, a UK based IT consultant who reminded us of the large number of threats posed online.

Have you ever browsed your social media and found a humorous post asking you to create your alter-ego character name? As amusing as it may be to share your ‘Christmas elf’ or ‘Super-hero’ name with friends, you’re potentially providing personal information to criminals. For instance, your superhero name is your mothers maiden name combined with your hometown and your place of birth in one such example. As innocent and funny as it may seem to reply to the post with your new-found identity, you’ve just provided all the above information in a public domain where criminals lurk. This information is commonly used as answers to security questions which are used to gain access to your password protected accounts.

Another example Rob May outlines is the safety of public wi-fi networks. It is a growing trend that many major retailers offer complimentary wi-fi to customers within their establishments. Whilst this custom is useful, it poses security risks as your personal data can easily be intercepted and used by criminals. Rob’s advise is to utilise your 3G or 4G data connection where possible to minimise security risks.

Rob May’s book ‘The Human Firewall’ offers many more insights into cybersecurity and gives clear and humorous examples of commonly made mistakes. The book is available to purchase from all good stores and offers a very interesting insight into the cybersecurity world.

We take all aspects of security seriously. Cybersecurity needs to be reviewed constantly and we are here to help. To see how we can assist you contact us now for more information.


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