1 day CONDO Refresher Training

Course overview

The MoD stipulates that the refresh rate for CONDO training is as follows:
“For contractors permanently Deployed in a geographical area for more than 2 years:

  • a complete CONDO IPDT package prior to Deployment and every two years, and
  • a refresher training package at each intervening 12-month point

For contractors periodically Deployed in a designated Operational Area (OA):

  • a complete CONDO IPDT package prior to Deployment, and
  • a refresher training package to be completed on an annual basis

Course syllabus

For most of our contractor clients, this means that Refresher training needs to be completed on an annual basis. We have therefore designed a 1-day CONDO Refresher training course that includes:

  • DEFSTAN 05-129 and CONDO Updates
  • Security threat update
  • First Aid revision
  • Tailored Q&A for High/ Low Risk countries to be visited

Course Dates

Course Fees

Blue Mountain’s CONDO courses are quoted on a case by case basis; please contact us with your specific requirements. As a minimum, our fee includes:

  • Blue Mountain’s CONDO certification
  • All training aids and material
  • Before expiry of your CONDO certificate, you can attend the 1-day Refresher course to renew your certificate


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