HEFAT Training

Originally designed for the Media, this course is now attended by a wide range of international clients. The HEFAT® course is an intensive safety course that covers a wide range of subjects appropriate to working in unstable and risk-laden environments.

These areas include:

  • War zones and area of civil unrest
  • Natural or Man-made Disasters
  • Countries with high crime or poverty
  • Remote or inhospitable areas
  • HEFAT training has proved extremely effective for frontline organisations, including international Media, NGOs, Aid Agencies, CONDO personnel, oil and gas industry staff etc. but can be tailored to the work of a range of other companies working in similar conditions

This course is designed for people who have previously completed the full HEFAT® (Hostile Environments and Emergency First Aid Training) course, and before 3 years have elapsed need to return to refresh both their first aid skills and their risk assessment and hostile environments training.


The 3-day course is ideal for Aid Agencies, NGO’s and others who may not necessarily work on the frontline, but who need to cover some of the key elements of the 4-day HEFAT® course. Blue Mountain Group schedule’s a number of these annually, which are open to all-comers.


This initial 4-day Intensive High Risk HEFAT® course is our flagship course. Originally designed for front line media workers, it has now become our most popular course, attended by a wide range of clients.



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