The Blue Mountain Group's Evasive and Defensive Driving (EDD) course provides a wide range of advanced driving skills, delivered effectively and safely by highly experienced former police and military instructors.

In a number of fast moving and challenging scenarios and conditions, we teach our students how to recognise and respond to risk and threat and provide tactical skills and techniques.

Learn to mitigate against potential attack, ambush and hijack – whilst always complying with UK laws.

This course combined with a Security Chauffeur course can incorporate a RoSPA driving assessment (the highest UK driving accreditation).

As an employer, enhanced driving skills amongst employees may help to lower company insurance costs, reduce fuel and vehicle maintenance costs (as a result of more efficient vehicle control), increase the safety of your employees by reducing the likelihood of them being involved in road traffic accidents and reduce the likelihood of third-party claims being made against your company. In addition, this course will help to ensure corporate legal responsibilities are met.

Completion of this award may attract insurance benefits.

One-day course at Blue Mountain Group’s training facility in Worcestershire

Course Content

  • Discussing attitude
  • Vehicle preparation
  • Introduction to safety guidelines
  • Risk assessments
  • J-turns
  • Handbrake turns
  • Y-turns
  • Fish-tailing
  • Loss of frontal vision exercises
  • Slalom work
  • Rotational and ‘push pull’ steering exercises
  • Reversing at speed exercises
  • Ramming drills
  • Skid pan


Course fee is quoted on a case by case basis; please contact us with your specific requirements.