In today’s ever changing environment, the risk to global travellers has increased

Our Travel Safety Awareness Course (TSAC) is designed to reinforce and address main issues that could impact your staff whilst travelling

By addressing these issues, organisations can exhibit a duty of care and investment in their employees, providing them with the necessary skills to operate effectively and safely

We will address real issues that have occurred and put them into perspective through group discussions and scenarios.

Your personnel will be provided with the skills and confidence they require to deal with operating in challenging environments and most importantly, remain in control. Our TSAC course can be run over one or two days, which can include both security and medical lessons, depending on your requirements. The course can also be tailored to suit any specific needs. By working closely with your organisation, we can conduct an analysis of your situation and provide the best solutions possible for your employees.

Here’s what we cover

  • Risk Assessment and Contingency Planning
  • IT, Communications Security
  • Personnel and Hotel Security
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Conflict Management
  • Prevention of Disease
  • Detainment, Kidnap and Hostage Survival
  • Vehicle Travel and Safety
  • Road Traffic Incident
  • Other subjects can be added dependent on your requirement